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Karsten Tents Explained

Karsten Tent
Karsten Tent Pod

Karsten Tent to which you can add additional awnings, bedroom extensions or even an additional Karsten Tent. This is all dependent on how you specify the main tent as these tents are hand made to order. Careful consideration is a must as once the tent is made, no alterations are available by Karsten. 

Tent & Comfort Awning

Karsten Tent and comfort awning. This is a must if you wish to extend further with additional awnings. See photos below. Both the extension awning and the front wall awning can be attached to the comfort awning depending on the size of space you require.

Tent / Comfort Awning / Extension Awning

The extension awning is exactly what it says. It just provides extra space before the front wall awning is added. Again, when ordering you would need to specify whether you require windows (a popular choice) and how many.

Tent / Comfort / Extension & Front Wall Awning

The front wall awning allows you privacy as it contains a door to close the awning. The windows are an option, so again must be specified at the time of ordering. This awning can connect either to the extension awning or direct to the comfort awning depending on the space required. 

Tent / All Awnings and Rain Cover

The rain cover provides shelter over the tent entrance, which prevents rain entering the awning plus provides additional shade. The rain cover simply zips onto the front wall awning and has 2 poles and 2 guy ropes holding it steady.